So this is a post about music that I like.  I read this one blog that posts playlists all the time that I usually suffer through because they are chock full of music that cool people listen to.  I know that this music must be for cool people only because 1) I’ve never heard of any of the songs before, 2) it’s incredibly dark and moody and obscure in a way that makes you know that understanding each song should enrich your emotional education while also kind of depressing you, and 3) I don’t like any of it, and yet I find myself trying to stick it out so I can say that yes, yes I have in fact heard White Denim’s newest song.

But I usually only make it through about three songs before


My typical day is a caffeine-enabled state of semi-awake-ness riddled with cutting tiny pieces of cardboard, drawing ten million littletiny lines (I’m going blind), and swearing at my computer.  So I listen to music that makes me happy and want to dance in my chair and totally crank. it. up.

Hey, you with the long nose!  This one’s for you.

Now listen here for one second.  Before you go typing all these songs into Grooveshark, just remember:  you don’t have to like them.  Like, just because I think they’re cool doesn’t mean that you liking or disliking the same music is going to make us like each other more.  Like, you will probably only resent me if you try to like something you don’t just because I do.  And I’ll probably know that you are lying because I’m annoyingly good at that.  So you can listen to them if you want (heck, you can pick your nose if you want), but just don’t make this into a big deal.  I feel like this is dangerous territory we’re entering, so I must repeat:

It’s just a list of songs.

That…I really hope you like.